Train for your body type to build your best-ever body!

If you want to build a leaner, stronger and more athletic body you first need to know your natural body type – once you do you can train to your genetic strengths and minimise any weaknesses to burn fat, build muscle and improve fitness to roll back the years to look, feel and perform at your best, says New Body Plan editor Joe Warner

You may have noticed from flicking through a women’s magazine while sat in a doctor or dentist waiting room that women apparently fit into one particular “type” of body shape.

There’s the “pear” shape (narrow shoulders, wide waist, full hips), “apple” (wider shoulders, narrower waist), and “hourglass” (fuller bust and hips, narrow waist). I’m sure there’s more but I’m not writing to you today to talk about women’s bodies – I want to talk to you about yours.

Unlock your genetic potential
As a man, it’s likely you fit into one of three main body-shape groups, unless you are a “genetic god” born with rippling abs, bulging biceps and a chest that even Blackbeard would’ve been jealous of.

While there are those guys out there – lucky sods – who just have to look at a dumbbell to burn fat and build muscle, the majority of us have to be a little bit smarter to get the results we want.

So, the next time you get out of the shower stand tall in front of the bathroom mirror and take a good look at your reflection to see which of the following body types most closely matches yours. Once you’re armed with that crucial information you can confidently choose the perfect exercise and eating plan to match your genetic strengths so you can start building the body you want without wasting a single second more.

Morph into shape

The three types of male body shape are:

Ectomorph: You’re tall and slim, have long limbs, and have trouble adding muscle. Think Peter Crouch. Help – I’m an ectomorph!

Endomorph: You’re shorter and squatter with big bones, and easily add and store body fat. Think Wayne Rooney. Help – I’m an endomorph!

Mesomorph: You’re athletic, naturally lean and muscular, and add muscle and burn fat quickly. Think Cristiano Ronaldo. Help – I’m a mesomorph!

Find your physique
Now, not everyone fits perfectly into one of the three categories and a degree of overlap between two is common. But I want you to identify the shape closest to what you see in the mirror. Then tap the relevant link above to discover my advice so you can start training smarter to get results faster – or you can take the New Body Quiz and answer a few quick questions to find your perfect workout plan!

To find your perfect transformation plan, take the New Body quiz!
Take the New Body quiz!

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