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3 fat-loss secrets for faster results

Discover these big fat-loss secrets to get the leaner, stronger and fitter physique you want, says New Body Plan’s Joe Warner

Of all the emails and messages I get on social media the one topic that frustrates me most is when someone gets in touch to tell me that they’ve made sweeping changes to how they exercise, eat, and live. Yet after a week they’ve not lost as much weight as they wanted. It’s even worse when they say they’ve thrown in the towel completely because “it’s impossible for me to lose weight”.

Anyone and everyone can make huge positive changes to how they look and feel. But so many people are falling short of their better-body goal because they misunderstand how fat loss works. So, if you’re unsure about the key principles that underpin getting back into shape, wonder no more! Here’s what you need to know to build the body you want.

Fat-loss secret: Losing weight is a mental challenge, not a physical one!

Following a well-designed training plan is the fastest – and healthiest way – to lose body fat. But that doesn’t mean getting into shape is a physical challenge. It’s not, and here’s why.

Say you do four one-hour sessions a week. That’s just four hours out of a total of 168 hours that make up every seven days – or just a little more than 2% of your week. So yes, it’s important you train hard and smart during those four hours. But it’s what you do in those 164 other hours – 98% of your time – that will have decide whether you lose weight or not.

That’s why it’s a mental challenge. And once you know this you take a huge step in the right direction. Why? Because you can then put in place some strategies to guarantee success.

Are you making the time to cook more of your meals so you’re eating more the right foods for fat loss? Are you doing everything you can to sleep deeper for longer? Are you spending time each day relaxing to better manage your stress levels? Get these things right more often than not and you’ll soon be in the shape of your life.

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Fat-loss secret: Losing weight is about what you gain, not what you give up!

More confidence, increased energy, better sleep, a rosier outlook on life. Regular compliments, clothes that fit, a bigger appetite for trying new things, fewer aches and pains. As soon as you realise what you stand to gain from losing some weight, achieving your goal instantly becomes that much easier.

So, if you’re still suffering from the mindset of obsessing over what you think you’ll be “giving up” – chocolate, pizza, beer – spend a few minutes today writing a list of all the positive mental and physical benefits you’ll get by getting into shape. And don’t forget that with the New Body Plan approach to eating you can eat your favourite foods and still lose weight.

Fat-loss secret: Weight loss is never linear, so consistency is key!

In an ideal world we’d lose a set amount of weight – or add an amount of lean muscle – every week until we’d built the body of our dreams. If only! While in theory losing weight is easy – train smart, eat well, sleep better and stress less – in reality no one ever gets lean is a linear way. Some weeks you’ll do everything right and the weight will fall off you; in others you’ll still do everything right but not notice much of a difference.

It sucks, but once you can accept that this is completely normal it will give you the confidence to keep going. After all, being consistent is the only way to get the results you want – and give you the confidence to stick to your plan and remain lazer-focused on the bigger picture. And then, your fat-loss dream is guaranteed to become a reality – so long as you can avoid the 6 fat-loss mistakes everyone makes.

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