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Train for your body shape: The Ectomorph

Ectomorphs are typically tall and slim with long, lean limbs, and have serious trouble adding lean muscle mass. If that sounds like you then keep reading to discover how you can train smarter to build the bigger and stronger body you want

I’m an Ectomorph – so, what do I do?
About You: First things first. It’s likely you’ve always been decent at endurance sports, and while you spent most of your youth very lean (maybe even with visible abs) as you’ve got older it’s very common to develop a “skinny fat” physique. This means you have little muscle mass on your arms, torso or legs, but have a growing pot belly around your middle. The bad news is that you may feel very “out of shape” and not be very happy with how you look. The good news is that there’s some very simple fixes to shrink that belly – and add some new muscle mass to boot!

What you need to do: It’s simple – you need to start lifting weights. Resistance training is one of the very best forms of exercise to burn belly fat while simultaneously adding new muscle mass (yes, it is possible to burn fat and build muscle at the same time, especially if you’re new to lifting weights). The great news is a shrinking belly combined with new upper body muscle will completely transform that reflection you see in the bathroom mirror, and following a good training programme will have you looking more like Cristiano than Crouchie in no time at all.

The perfect plan for you is…
If you’ve never lifted weights before I’d recommend starting with the New Body Plan 28-Day Bodyweight Blast or the 28-Day Dumbbell Blast, which would be even better if you’ve a set of weights at home.

If you’ve some lifting experience then our eight-week home dumbbell plan will help you pack on lean muscle fast while stripping fat, or if you have a gym membership then the original eight-week New Body Plan is for you: it’s the exact programme Jon Lipsey used to burn 10kg of fat in just eight weeks to go from skinny fat to Men’s Fitness cover model. And if it worked for him it will work for you!

To find your perfect transformation plan, take the New Body quiz!
Take the New Body quiz!

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