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Get rid of stubborn body fat fast!

Where you put on weight is largely dictated by your genetics and hormones. So while you can’t control where fat is stored, you are in control of how quickly you can shift even the most stubborn body fat. All you need to do is follow my tried-and-tested fat-loss advice, says New Body Plan’s Joe Warner

What’s your first sign that you’ve gained weight? For me, it’s around my belly button.

I notice the buttons on the bottom of my shirts take an extra second to secure. And how the fabric feels slightly tighter when I stand up or sit down.

What’s so frustrating is that my stomach is the first place I gain weight and the last place from which I lose it. Even when I was doing my own New Body Plan transformation challenge, I lost fat from my face before my belly before I could reveal a hard and defined six-pack!

That stubborn patch around my middle was the very last bit I shifted., But shift it I did because I followed all the smart steps to lose body fat quickly and sustainably.

The smart way to shift stubborn body fat

Where on our bodies fat gets stored when we eat more energy than we burn is  determined by our hormones and genetic body shape. It’s why women tend to store fat around their thighs, hips, and bum. And why us men tend to gain weight around our chest, lower back and belly.

So do you want to shift your stubborn body fat? Then read my expert advice on how to lose your fat, based on where you store it. Just click the relevant option then put my advice into action to look and feel better than ever!

I want to:
Blast off my man boobs!
Lose my love handles!
Blitz my beer belly!

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Take the New Body quiz!

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