Best way to lose belly fat for men

“I didn’t think that the results I achieved were possible!”

Find out how Paul, 45, lost over 11kg of fat to get into the best shape of his life

Can you describe how you looked and felt before you started your transformation?
Horrendous. My face was bloated. My gut was hanging over my belt line. I just didn’t feel like me. 

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Were your results what you expected?
No. I’d seen previous New Body Plan transformation success stories that you’d done and I always thought, I’d love to give that a go but I’m nearly 46. I did not think the results that I’ve achieved and how I look now compared to when I started – I did not believe that was possible. 

There’s a perception that a transformation requires you to give up your life. Was that the case for you?
Not at all. Your life isn’t on hold. For me, I was eating more during the plan than I was before the plan. But I was eating better. And I still had a takeaway every Friday night. 

How would you describe the training sessions?
Initially they were quite daunting because I hadn’t set foot in a gym for 10 years. The first couple of sessions were quite difficult just because I had a bit of muscle soreness. But when I saw the results of the first week, I couldn’t believe the results form just one week, and that fired up my motivation. 

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How did you push yourself when sessions got tough?
To really push myself, I put a bit of Guns N Roses on. I’d just get angry – well, not angry but I’d be grunting to finish the set and I was really push myself.

How do you feel now?
Funnily enough, at lunchtime I saw some old colleagues form a company I used to work for that I hadn’t seen for a year. They immediately commented on the weight that I had lost and how I looked and that was great to hear. 

What had the biggest impact on your results?
The intensity of the workouts. And the food. 

What’s the key to sticking to a plan?
Take the initial progress photos and remind yourself why you’re doing it. 

What would your advice be to someone starting a plan?
Don’t be intimidated by it and don’t get put off by what anyone else is doing around you. Just be focused on what you want to achieve and do it for yourself. 

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