“I never thought I’d lose over 12 kilos in only 6 weeks”

Shane, 39, from Ireland, was blown away by how much body fat he lost in just six weeks

I had been training on and off for years but recently I’d has no real plan. My main struggle was with nutrition and because I work shifts it’s always easy to come up with excuses. Following a New Body Plan programme and getting feedback from Jon gave me the accountability I needed to get back on track.

The training sessions were brilliant. They were tough but very enjoyable.

The meal plan was so simple to follow and it definitely never felt like a diet or like I was being restricted. The meals were delicious and portions were excellent. I wasn’t hungry at any point over the 6 weeks.

I couldn’t be happier with my results. I was hoping to lose a few kilos and get back on track, but I never thought I’d lose over 12 kilos in only 6 weeks!

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